On this page, you will find a section of questions and answers that will help your users to clarify their doubts about electronic payments processed through Placetopay. Remember to include them on your website.

1. What is Placetopay?

Placetopay is the electronic payment platform used by Willy Jhons Costa Rica to process online the transactions generated in the virtual store with the payment methods enabled for this purpose.

2. How can I pay?

In the virtual store of Willy Jhons Costa Rica you can make your payment with the means enabled for this purpose. You, according to the payment options chosen by the merchant, may pay through Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

3. Is it safe to enter my bank details on this website?

To protect your data, Willy Jhons Costa Rica delegates the capture of sensitive information to Placetopay. Our payment platform meets the highest standards required by the PCI DSS international security standard for credit card transactions. It also has an SSL security certificate issued by GeoTrust, a Verisign company, which guarantees secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site; in this way you can feel safe when entering your card information.

During the payment process, the name of the authenticated organization, the authority that certifies it and the address bar changes to green color. These characteristics are immediately visible and give guarantee and confidence to complete the transactions in Placetopay.

Placetopay also has the constant monitoring of McAfee Secure and the signature of electronic messages with Certicamara.

4. Can I make the payment any day and at any time?

Yes, at Willy Jhons Costa Rica you can make your purchases online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, just a click away.

5. Can I change the payment method?

If you haven't finished your payment yet, you can go back to the initial step and choose the payment method you prefer. Once the purchase is complete, it is not possible to change the payment method.

6. Does paying electronically have any value for me as a buyer?

No, electronic payments made through Placetopay do not generate additional costs for the buyer.

7. What should I do if my transaction did not conclude?

In the first instance, check if a confirmation email of the transactions arrived at the email account registered at the time of making the payment, if you have not received it, you should contact Weynar Barquero Rodríguez to confirm the status of the transactions.

8. What should you do if you did not receive proof of payment?

For each transaction approved through Placetopay, you will receive a proof of payment with the purchase reference at the email address you indicated at the time of payment.

If you do not receive it, you can contact Willy Jhons Costa Rica or the line 71794483 / 2221-3950 or email [email protected], to request re-sending of the voucher to the same email address registered at the time of payment.